Expertise+ Consulting

We are a technical Consulting- and Process management Team in the
areas of IT Automation and Yield Management for semiconductor and
similar industries.

Our services cover the evaluation of software systems and their
integration up to the implementation of new concepts and methods
to optimize Yield and process stability.

Thus our customers achieve a much faster ROI, higher product stability
and finally a better cost efficiency.
New perspectives

Together with your organization we find the most
important potentials and new perspectives. Real
change and project management ensures the lasting
implementation of the improvements. We can support
this through technical and methodological consulting
and contribution.
Surprising results

Based on our comprehensive experience, we put together the
expertise's and methods for each project individually.

The way we see it each of these competences and techniques build
one level and all together a cube – however if you look from a
different perspective you’ll see new and surprising results.