Team & Partner

Steffen Pröhl
Ines Thurner
Strategic Partner
Project Partner
Steffen Pröhl
General Manager
Expert for MES and Smart Automation
Steffen is our specialist for Smart Automation. He is a proven MES
expert with longterm experience managing automation projects in
the industry nation- and world-wide.
In projects Steffen actively helps companies starting with the MES
evaluation up to the Integration into the exisiting IT automation

Smart Automation means to him a sensible selection, integration
and purposeful usage of actual IR 4.0 technologies and trends
like IIOT, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Twins and Manufacturing
Integration Platforms (MIP) in the company.
+49 (0) 151 217 258 83

Ines Thurner
General Manager
Expert for Yield Management
Ines has over 20 years of experience in yield management and
process control. As a physicist she worked for IBM, Siemens,
Infineon Technologies and Qimonda in Europe and USA. Her know-how
includes the whole process chain from development to ramp to
production. She puts her focus on the introduction of new methodologies,
change management and team development. Her passion for new
approaches and moderation of process changes ensures the success
of projects.
+49 (0) 157 849 992 13

Michael Meinel
Strategic Partner
Expert for Yield Management & Data Science
Michael is specialized in methods and implementation of yield
management, data mining and process control in high-tech production
In projects he supports the implementation of data analysis methods,
yield correlations, defect engineering methodology, statistical process
control and reporting.

He loves to dive into the details and to implement the results as
improvements at the customer site.
+49 (0) 151 556 198 99

Jens Göckeritz Frank Andraczeck
Project Partner
Yield Mangement / Equipment
Project Partner
Yield Engineering
His passion is to work on equipment and process
optimization.For more than 20 years he worked in
production and development at IC manufacturers as well
as equipment suppliers. Project management and
organization development is an essential part of his work.

Frank has over 25 years experience in
development and production of semiconductors.
He is an expert in statistical data analysis for
trouble shooting, yield and quality improvement.
His detailed knowledge on analysis methods and
production processes build the foundation of his work.

Frank Unger Kathrin Boden
Project Partner
IT - Automation
Project Partner
Project Management
For more than 10 years Frank works in the area of IT automation
and integration of tools in the semiconductor industry.
He has detailed knowledge on SEMI standard, activation
and integration of simple inscription tools to most
complex litho cluster. His expertise incorporates
requirement analysis, definition of specific solutions,
set up and execution of acceptance tests.
Since 1998 Kathrin has worked as trainer, consultant
and coach for project and change management in
different areas. Her focus in project office (PO) is
project planning, communication and documentation.
She uses individual creative methods to encourage
innovative processes.

Tanja Fischer Heiner Ollendorf
Project Partner
Data Analysis / Training
Project Partner
Inline Control / Process Integration
Tanja's expertise lies in process optimization and process
characterization. With a degree in physics she has been
working as process engineer and integration engineer in
semiconductor fabs using different software-tools for
design of experiments and data analysis.
She is passionate about 'data visualization' in order to
present relevant data and it's relationships in a concise
and appealing manner.
Working over 20 years as physicist in semiconductor
business Heiner has a strong understanding of the technical
and physical correlations in this industry.
On the way from single process up to overall process
integration he has acquired broad methodical competencies
which are necessary for process stability and integration.
His passion:
Fixing things - analyze problems and fix them efficiently -
as a team.

Stefan Ullrich
Project Partner
Data Management
Stefan is our Expert for the reliable data
provision from the machine up to the yield
management user or analyst finally. He has
great experience in the creation of highly
effective user interfaces fitting to the special
needs of the particular production environment.
With the extraction, aggregation and the pre-
sentation of data from various sources Stefan
delivers the foundation for our Yield experts.
This well structured data enables them to identify
and evaluate Yield optimization potential.